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Automated Parking System

Automated Parking System

AIM works with its partners to provide reliable solutions for fully automated parking systems (also known as robotic or automatic parking garages).

Automated parking is the process of storing and retrieving various size vehicles by utilizing the latest automation technology to eliminate the need for parking ramps, driveways and human intervention which provides much greater parking density compared with conventional parking.

The main advantages of automated parking over conventional parking are:

  • Reduced construction costs through less excavation, air rights saving and less construction time
  • Reduced operating costs through accelerated depreciation, lower ventilation and lighting requirements and lower operator costs
  • More potential LEED points available
  • Safe and secure parking for users and their vehicles

Generally the process of parking a vehicle for drivers in automated parking systems remains the same regardless of the technology used: it's just the methodology of moving the vehicles to and from the parking module that differs. The types of technology provided by AIM in automated parking systems can be divided into four main categories:

Each technology has both advantages and disadvantages over another, and the selection of one technology over another largely depends on the project site building codes and the client's requirements in terms of budget, throughput, density and redundancy.