Applied & Integrated Manufacturing Inc.

Laser Target Navigation


  • AGV is equipped with a rotating laser transmitter/receiver mounted on a turret
  • Single stripe reflective targets (also called reflectors) are mounted at fixed positions on walls, and building columns.
  • The targets are mounted in ways allowing the AGV to be constantly in a direct line of sign with at least 3 targets
  • When a laser beam leaves the AGV and gets reflected back by a target, the AGV calculates the beam's angle and distance in relation to the target, and uses a triangulation algorithm to determine its accurate position.
  • The AGV has a map of all targets stored in its memory which allows it to compare the actual measurements with the expected ones, and uses that to correct its position error
  • To maximize accuracy and reliability, Dead-Reckoning navigational system is used simultaneously by continuously measuring wheel rotation and steering angle


  • Safety scanners used for obstacle detection and for positioning accuracy
  • Rotating class 1 laser scanner that is safe for continuous use
  • Wheel encoders to measure travel
  • Steering encoders to measure steering angles
  • On-board computer to control the AGV and interface with supervisory system and/or PLC system


  • +/- 1 cm (+/- 0.4 inches)
  • +/- 1 centigrade


  • Quick installation
  • Supreme flexibility for layout changes and expansion
  • Supreme accuracy and reliability due to continuous position verifications
  • Compatible with Semi-automatic tasks

Laser Target Navigation